What is ecobiology?

Driven by NAOS for more than 40 years, Ecobiology is an approach that combines skin biology and skin ecology and that relies on 4 principles:

1.           Consider skin as an ecosystem, full of living cells interacting together and with their environment. In order to leave a positive footprint in this ecosystem, we prefer pure ingredients, rightly dosed, and naturally assimilated.

2.           Interact with skin natural mechanisms, only when needed, to help the skin to adapt and find its balance itself.

3.           Understand and act on the root causes of skin imbalances, as well as their consequences, to provide a lasting efficacy,

4.           Be driven by biomimetism, observe what nature does best to develop effective and sustainable solutions.

We believe in Ecobiology to help the skin live according to its natural biology, in a lasting way.

To learn more about ecobiology, visit us at https://naos.com/au/our-approach/ecobiology/

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